Friday, March 11, 2011

So about the remakes ...

Is there no one in Hollywood that has any type of creative skills left. Now and then something original comes along, but a lot of times when someone decides to remake an old film, television program, or serial, they make a total mockery of the original subject matter. Some are passable as decent viewing material, but most, not so much.

Case in point - the new "Green Hornet" film. Granted, I haven't seen the film but watching trailers was about all I could stomach. I own a copy of the original Green Hornet serials that starred Gordon Jones and Keye Luke on DVD. I find them very entertaining and they still manage to keep me interested even though they are kind of predictable and a little dated. I believe they were just released as part of a 75th anniversary collector set. Every time Hollywood churns out something new from something old I hold my breath, I exhale slowly, and usually go back and watch the original show or film that the new remake is based on.

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